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xTech LLC Announces Name Change to eBureau and Accelerated Growth Strategy

Stacy Campbell-Kraft

xTech LLC Announces Name Change to eBureau and Accelerated Growth Strategy

Company re-names, reinvents predictive scoring and analytics for consumer-focused companies

Mar 9, 2007 – St. Cloud, MN — xTech LLC, an innovative provider of custom predictive scoring and information solutions, today announced its new name, eBureau, reflecting an evolution of the company’s business to deliver instant insights to marketers, financial services firms, retailers and agencies that need help making better informed decisions. After dedicating over three years to developing and perfecting its patent-pending xTech(sm) platform, eBureau is intensifying its sales and marketing efforts under the new eBureau brand. The company is also unveiling six new customizable information products aimed at consumer-focused companies that can greatly benefit from leading-edge predictive analytics techniques.

eBureau has developed a vast data warehouse based on proprietary, patent-pending database technology that integrates billions of detailed records across thousands of databases, covering virtually all U.S. adults and households. Combining this highly predictive data with its automated statistical modeling software, eBureau delivers real-time, analytical “eScores” that provide outstanding predictive results to companies seeking to strengthen lead generation, targeted marketing, payments, retention and recovery efforts.

“eBureau helps companies make smarter decisions without having to invest enormous up-front resources in business intelligence tools and expertise,” said Gordy Meyer, President and CEO of eBureau. “Our hosted, real-time predictive scoring service allows companies to better find, secure and grow profitable customer relationships. Helping our clients maximize profits by improving response rates and reducing risk is what we do everyday.”

eBureau is applying its reinvented approach to predictive scoring across multiple markets, including direct marketers, e-commerce retailers, credit and collections, and online advertising agencies. Today, more and more businesses can realize the benefits of predictive scoring in real-time marketing and e-commerce processes. eBureau plans to make predictive analytical scoring a widespread, mainstream tool for helping businesses make smarter decisions throughout their customers’ life cycle to improve profitability and gain important competitive advantages.

About eBureau
eBureau provides a suite of precision marketing, operations, risk management and fraud prevention information solutions to multichannel marketers, financial services companies, online retailers and agencies today. Founded in 2004, eBureau has designed and built its patent-pending xTech(sm) platform, a proprietary, state of the art data warehouse and real-time analytical scoring system. The company is headquartered in St. Cloud, MN and has received $16 million in funding from its founders and Split Rock Partners. For more information please visit www.ebureau.com.

Jennifer Abelson
Abelson Group for eBureau